Mystery Mansion, edition

Jan 10, 2016

A quick Python rebuild of a classic electronic board game

Command Line

When I was a kid, we used to play board games as a family. One of our all-time favorites was always Electronic Talking Mystery Mansion, in which the players furnish a mansion with these little pieces of furniture and then search for clues as to where the "money" is hidden. It's an awesome game, and it kind of feels like a combination of Clue and a dollhouse.

At a recent family gathering, we went to play the game and discovered that the "computer" part wasn't reliably working. I joked that I could recreate the game... and a couple hours of tinkering later, we were playing again.

Later on, I went back through and recorded my best impression of the talking voice. The voice-overs use winsound on Windows and PyAudio on Linux. The rest of the system is running on pure Python.

The project is available on GitHub, where there is a readme with installation instructions.

Any questions can be directed at