Corban Mailloux

I'm Corban Mailloux. I'm a software engineer at CloudHealth by VMware in Boston, MA where I build and maintain many components of our SaaS platform. In my personal time, I'm a home automation enthusiast, rock climber, and electric unicycler.

I originally set up this site to play with GitHub Pages and Jekyll. I've since moved the site onto a personal server on DigitalOcean because I wanted to set up SSL/TLS on this domain and to generally have more control over the site.

I chose the domain corb.co for two reasons:

  1. I wanted a simple, short URL that I could use for everything.
  2. I wanted to limit people spelling my name incorrectly. (You may have noticed; my name is spelled "Corban," not "Corbin.")

Please take a look at some of my projects.

I can be contacted by using any of those pretty buttons at the top of the page.