From the description of the app on the Google Play Store:

Do you lift?

Do you wish people asked you if you lift, just so you can say that you do?

Well now you can have your phone or tablet ask you, giving you that positive, self-righteous feeling as often as you want. When you admit that you haven’t actually lifted today, the app will help you find a nearby gym.

No excuses; lift like a champion.

Did You Lift Today? started as a joke Android app when my body-building friend Jake and I had a conversation that went something like this:

  • Me: Ooh. Google Fit was just released. That’s cool.
  • Jake: I don’t understand all of these fitness trackers. I think there should be an app that just asks you if you lifted. That’s all that’s important anyways.
  • Jake leaves to go to the gym.

By the time Jake got back, I had developed an app using Tasker’s App Factory that did just that. After a few people in my office saw it, it became a running joke/useful tool.

I then developed a real Android app of it, available on the Google Play Store, which went on to get some amazing reviews.

After an iPhone-using coworker complained that it wasn’t compatible with iOS, I built a web version at that uses localStorage to track your lifts.

The Android app code and the website code are both available on branches on GitHub.