Hey! I’m Corban Mailloux. I’m a staff engineer at VMware/Broadcom in Massachusetts, where I build and maintain several components of our SaaS platforms. I’m particularly focused on scaling our data ingestion pipelines including one system running more than a million jobs per minute. I’ve been through 2 acquisitions in this role: CloudHealth Technologies was acquired by VMware in 2019 and then VMware was acquired by Broadcom in 2023.

I’m an alumnus of Rochester Institute of Technology where I majored in software engineering with a focus on computing security. I also minored in communications.

Outside of work, I enjoy home improvement projects, flying FPV drones, riding electric unicycles, and home automation.

At home I train our two cats (Maya and Sasha) to do various tricks including jumping through hoops, walking upright, and heeling by my side. You can follow our progress and see lots of wonderful cat pictures on @theladies_sashaandmaya’s Instagram .

Collage of cat pictures

As you’ll see in my projects, I like to work on home automation projects and generally enjoy DIY electronics. For my home automation system, I use Home Assistant, an open-source, Python-based platform that integrates with just about everything. You can find my complete Home Assistant configuration on Github, with documentation of some of the major parts in the repo’s wiki.

I invite you to take a look at some of my old and new projects and to reach out on LinkedIn or email.