Apr 22, 2014

Sublime Text 3 - Promela Spin Syntax Highlighting and Build System

Sublime Text

In one of my classes, we were using Spin, and specifically jSpin to do some software modeling. Like I mentioned in my Sublime-MIT-Alloy project, I use Sublime Text 3 for my day-to-day editing, so I was disappointed when there was no highlighting available for Promela (the language of Spin). I found a VIM highlighter, so I manually converted that to a Sublime syntax file.

Once that was working, I got annoyed with switching to jSpin to test my code, so I built a build system. The build process is basic, and it only handles the "Random" mode of Spin, but it was enough for me and the class requirements.

The project is available on GitHub and installable using Sublime Text Package Control.

Any questions can be directed at