May 21, 2014

Plaid text editor. Perfect for hipsters.

Desktop App
Noteplaid screenshot

Noteplaid is a text editor that has a plaid background. It is essentially a Windows Notepad clone (please don't sue me) built using WPF in C#.

One day, I was talking to Adam McCarthy and I stuttered when saying "Notepad." Thus, the concept for Noteplaid was born. I made a GUI mockup that day, and then the project lay dormant for almost 3 months.

And then it was finals week...

The first version was built because I was procrastinating studying for a final. It now supports saving and loading files (which seems pretty standard for a text editor) and has built-in spell check!

The code, and a compiled EXE file, are available on Adam's GitHub.

Any questions can be directed at