Arduino Kodi IR Remote

Aug 1, 2017

IR remote control of XBMC/Kodi using an Arduino as a keyboard

Wiring Diagram

I've been slowly automating most of my apartment, and it always bothers me when people take "dumb" devices and make them "smart" by forcing the user to control it from their phones. This is especially irritating when there's a device that you want to control quickly. In my apartment, that's the media center.

I run Kodi as the primary media center, and it is integrated with both Alexa and phone apps. This is great, but it's too slow when you get a phone call or need to grab something from another room.

This project uses an Arduino Pro Mini (a little Leonardo clone) to pick up IR signals from my TV remote and emulate a keyboard. Fortunately for me, my remote has several extra buttons that aren't used during normal operation. This lets me intercept the commands.

I'm using Ken Shirriff's IRRemote library to decode the IR signals. This project is specifically set up for my oCOSMO CE4031 TV's remote, but the code should be easily adapted to any supported codes.

The Arduino code is available on GitHub.

Any questions can be directed at